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Which Software is Best For Learning Typing?

Typing 101 for Computers

If you learn to write on a typewriter or someone who does, you probably do some printing when you print to your computer.The most common mistake is double-spacing at the end of the sentence. Only one is needed, let me explain why.The application of the double space rule to typewriters is explained by the fact that all typewriters use monochrome lines. Each character in a monotype font is designed to have the same width of characters. In other words, “m” uses the same amount of horizontal space as “i” or “l”. There are many monotypic lines designed to calculate, perhaps the most famous Courier.

Most fonts used on computers are fonts with variable display or relatively spaced lines and use “character spacing”. When the letters are between characters, the character spacing is set to occupy an area corresponding to its actual width, so that the width between the letters and the character pairs creates a constant spacing.Therefore, you do not have to double-line the end of the sentence when typing on a computer, the variable latitudes automatically creating the correct space between sentences. In fact, double spacing will create visible holes in an amateur looking manual. If you send your work to a graphic designer or a publisher, all the double spaces will have to be replaced by individual spaces. . . The work is discouraging even with “search and replace”.Double spacing can usually take a while, but the end result will be more professional documents.

Software is Best For Learning Typing



Smart quotes quoted all right

Another common mistake is to use smart quotation marks (” ‘) or quotation marks (‘ ‘) inappropriately. Smart quotes (also called curly quotes) are used for dialogs and single quotes, while quotation marks are used. Right for feet and minutes (”) and for lobbs and seconds (‘).Microsoft Word uses default quotation marks, but this feature can easily be turned on or off.In the tool menus, select AutoCorrect.

Click the automatic formatting as you type

Under Replace as you go, check or untick the right quotes with smart quotes,If you have already written the document using incorrect quotation marks, Word can replace the quotation marks for you.

Follow the steps above

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H to open the Replace tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.Enter “in the Find What box and Replace with

Click Replace All
To change bids manually, hold down the ALT key and type the numbers on the keypad.ALT 0145 and ALT 0146 for individual quotation marks left and rightALT 0147 and ALT 0148 for left and right double left scribbles.When using the ALT keys on Windows, use the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard, not the numeric line above the alphabet, and make sure Num Lock is on.

Learning Typing



The typewriter had only one option for the police – while the computers offered 3 presentations to the police. Another brand of the professionally assigned type is the correct use of dashes, dashes and dashes. Each size is different and has an appropriate use. The width of the dashes in and em is usually equal to the width of the lowercase n and m for the character you are using.Hyphenation – used in compound words and separate characters in the phone number.The dashes are used to indicate the duration or range from 11:00 to 15:00 or from 11 to 15 January.

Create dashes using ALT 0150

Dashes – are the appropriate dashes to use instead of single or double dashes – as a number sign. Em font is also used to separate sentences into sentences..Microsoft Word will automatically replace double hyphens with an electronic dash.

Create dashes with ALT 0151.

Text as style. Bold text should not be used for confirmation. Using a typewriter, underlining the text is the only way to emphasize the text of a document. With desktop publishing, we can now highlight text in bold, italic and bold.

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