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What is the Negative Impact of Technology?

oday, our society is motivated by technology and some people accuse me of being a technologist. After my active involvement in the information technology sector over the past 30 years, I can assure you that this is not true. I have seen many technological improvements over the years, but what interests me the most is how we are socially affected. I firmly believe that technology is purchased more as a fashion statement than as a practical application. So we tend to use or abuse technology, which costs businesses millions of dollars. Instead of “Ready, Target, Fire”, people tend to “shoot, aim, ready”. In other words, people tend to apply the latest technologies before they understand exactly what they are or what they should do. For me, it puts the cart before the horse.

negative effects of technology

Perhaps the biggest difference between the 20th and the 21st century is that technology has changed the pace of our lives. Now, expect to communicate with anyone on this planet in seconds and not in a few days. We are waiting for information at your fingertips. Expect to get up and get up soon after replacing the hip or knee joint. Basically, we take a lot for granted. But this fast pace has also changed the way we live. To clarify, we want to solve the problems immediately and we have no patience for long-term solutions. Thus, we tend to tackle the symptoms instead of tackling the real problems and applying Band-Aids to calm the moment rather than the really needed obstacles. We are easily satisfied with solving small problems rather than solving major problems. Personally, we tend to live for today rather than plan for tomorrow. This mentality interests me a lot.

What if someone unplugged our technology? Do engineers still know how to formulate products? Do we always know how to ship a product or treat something? Will our financial transactions stop? Will work reach a dead end? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. This highlights the public’s reliance on our technology and is a concern. We are evolving with technology rather than the other way around. By separating our own technology, we separate the human being. I think I’m wrong? Watch what happens the next time your office or home is turned off.

negative effects of technology on physical activity

Due to the dominance of technology, people have enabled their social communication skills. Small things such as courtesy, appearance and our ability to communicate with others have all deteriorated in the workplace. We can be effective in communication, but we have become complete failures in social communication. Throughout the book, I remember how people act according to true or false perceptions. These perceptions are largely based on our ability to communicate, for example through messages we send orally or in writing, our appearance, our body language and the way we treat others. If we can not communicate effectively in this capacity, no technology will change the perceptions of our colleagues, managers, customers, suppliers, friends or family. For More Interesting Information about  Technology Visit Our Website & Feedback

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