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Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Problems and Solutions

You’ve probably seen and laughed at the stories of Help Desk operators. The user who thought that the CD player was carrying his cup of coffee and other funny stories.I do not know if it’s an urban myth or not, but from my experience in technical support and support operations, users are often smart, but they may not be used to a logical approach to problems.A computer user can have anyone from a design engineer to a receptionist. They specialize in designing or hosting visitors and expect their computers to do what they are supposed to do, every day, without interruption, like their cars, so they should!What should you do when the computer does not start? The best way, if possible, is to compare the “dead” machine with the machine in operation! See more at the bottom of the page.This is usually possible in an office, but not so easily at home. Look at the desktops here, different laptops or small laptops.

Before you begin, clarify what your computer or monitor is. When I point to a computer, I mean a case containing all the works, usually with multiple cables and drawers connected to insert CDs or DVDs, and possibly floppy drives and USB connectors – the main body. This is not a “hard drive” as some people point out. The hard drive is located in the computer box.
The screen is what you look at, also called “screen” or “screen”.The computer “does not work” or “does not start” The first thing to check is the power supply. Are there lights in the front or back of the computer? What about the screen? Or keyboard?

Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Problems and Solutions 1

No light or noise from your computer or monitor? A very common problem is the power cable connection.
The broom (or your mother or your wife) may have been connected to the vacuum and you forgot to replace it.
Is it well connected – at both ends? Yes, you may have to go from one cable to another behind your desk!
Make sure you check the correct cable! Was the wall outlet turned on? Another device, for example a lamp, works in this window?
Make sure the power cable is connected to the computer on a port that has just been tested!Check the power switch, there will likely be a master key on the back of the case near the power cable connector, and a push button on the front to start the computer.If this sounds like choosing a network, you may want to give me a dollar for every time I’ve found this particular problem. I receive a very good meal in a chic restaurant on the product! This fixes about 80% of the problems “does not work”!

If you now have a light somewhere on the computer or if you make a fan noise, we are progressing.
Check the screen, there should be a light on this too, usually green or yellow. Green means that the computer is recovering something. Yellow means that it is running but does not receive data. We must do the same check using the display power cable, to make sure the lights are on. The key can be deep. Sometimes, the monitor cable is connected to the main power of the computer from a jack located next to the computer’s power cable. If this is the case, try connecting it directly to the wall outlet.

Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Problems and Solutions

If there is a yellow light on the screen, examine the data cable (VGA) on the screen. This is the other cable, it is not the power cable. It must be connected to the computer by a small 15-pin connector, usually using a blue-colored connector. There may be two connectors (for the technical connector, one on the motherboard and the other on the video card). If you do not know which one, try both, it will only connect to the correct type of connector. The data cable can be permanently connected to the monitor or have the same 15-pin connector as the end of the computer. Make sure it is connected. 15% of “non work-related” problems are solved here – maybe a Mac is great for this problem!

You still do not get anything? Anyway, you can switch screens with a colleague from the next office. Which one is he working now?This same principle can be applied to other problems. Another common point is “My computer does not read my CD”. Try another CD, try the CD on a colleague’s computer and try a CD running on his computer on your computer. This will tell you if you have a CD, a player or a driver

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